History of Love’s Landing

Love’s Landing is an aviation community with a long family history.  Owners Sam and John Love grew up helping with the family farm growing citrus and cattle here.  Sam continued the farming while also teaching agriculture for over 30 years. John is a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Appraiser and has always had a passion for flying.

For John, flying lessons were a high school graduation gift but his interest in flying goes back much farther.   “I remember being the youngest of many cousins; our uncle was taking each of us up for a ride beginning with the oldest and working down to the younger ones.  I was excited but when my turn finally came, mother became frightened; as I ran for the plane she scooped me up and told me I was too young to ride.  I think I was about three years old.”  For at least that long John has loved airplanes and flying.  He says he still can’t keep from looking up when an airplane comes over.

Our first logo

Our first logo

John bought his first airplane just after college. The idea for an aviation community was born as work transferred him from location to location. It seemed he always had to find a new location to hangar his plane.   The idea was an elegant residential community built around private runways where each home had its own hangar and everyone loves flying.

It is all a reality now with over sixty homes and a community of active pilots. Brothers Sam and John Love manage Love’s Landing Airpark.  If you see them around, stop and say hello.  They’d love to hear your aviation story.